22 Mar

Second securitisation platform for institutional initiators incorporated in Luxembourg.

Together with the Sinnova Group (formerly fair-finance) from Austria, fund2seed GmbH back in spring 2022 launched fund2sec S.à r.l., the first platform in Luxembourg for the securitisation of impact-driven securities transactions.

Based on its success, a second platform, fund2pac S.à r.l., was recently founded to provide initiators with access to  impact related features, even if the invested assets do not fit into traditional ESG patterns.

The platforms solve a long-standing problem of the industry: they provide the basis for public offerings as well as trading on the regulated market for institutional investors.

The clear focus on debt securities and structured products was further strengthened at the beginning of March by the acquisition of an experienced team of index-specialists with a focus on fixed income and asset liability management in Frankfurt.

The group's medium-term goal is to become the market leader for innovative securitisation and alternative fund solutions in the fixed income segment, thereby shaping the transformation to impact-generating financial market products.

About Sinnova:
Sinnova is an independent group of companies that invests in sustainable, meaningful and innovative projects. Its goal is to contribute to a better future for our society: ecologically, socially just and with sustainable development opportunities for all.

It invests in sustainable financial services and pension products, sustainable and affordable housing, and projects with social and environmental impact. Sinnova holds investments in sustainable financial services and pension products, sustainable real estate and social business.

About fund2seed:
Based in Rheinhessen, Germany, fund2seed is a private company that is holistically and exclusively committed to charitable goals or pension commitments. Under the umbrella of fund2seed and following the concept "form follows function", the German-Luxembourgian group of companies uses the entire spectrum of today's financial concepts and financial product types.

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