15 Nov

Luxembourg/Germany, 15 November 2022 

The fund2seed group is pleased to announce the first planting of 93 fruit trees in Rhineland-Palatinate. Johannes Puhr, Manager of fund2sec in Luxembourg: "With our fund2tree programme, we offer our customers the opportunity to experience sustainability and yield not as a contradiction, but as a symbiosis. The fact starting with 93 trees exceeds our expectations." 

The financial group, which operates mainly in Luxembourg, enters into a tree sponsorship agreement for domestic fruit trees and plants with the German public-welfare foundation Stiftung Bienenelfe, which plants one (1) tree for every one (1) million EUR in Rhineland-Palatinate, whereby arable land is converted into orchard meadows.

"Orchard meadows are an essential part of our renaturation measures in rural areas. The aim is that we transform farmland into oases that provide a protected retreat for domestic animals and insects while producing regional, healthy fruit." Denise Ulbrich, Managing Director of Stiftung Bienenelfe explains. A scientific study, recently published by the Institute for Organic Agriculture, Soil Culture and Resource Conservation in Freising, also proves that orchards bind additional carbon by a factor in excess of 1.5 in the long term compared to arable land. Within the framework of this first fund2tree project, about 220 tonnes of CO2 will be additionally bound. 

At the same time, customers also benefit from the harvest: "Initiators who have at least 50 million EUR in volume managed by the fund2seed group can decide for themselves how to use 50% of the harvest from the respective orchard. This allows our customers not only to achieve sustainable returns from "their" financial product, but also a juicy fruit yield that has its very own story," explains Nadja Knoth from fund2seed group. "It is important to us that all further income from the utilisation of the harvest is used exclusively for charitable purposes. Involving regional professionals in the cultivation and processing of the fruit also secures socio-economic, regional structures away from industrial agriculture." 

Good for the environment, good for the region, good for our customers. 

The orchard in Nieder-Wiesen is just the beginning. More projects are to follow each planting season. Johannes Puhr is certain: "If we raise the awareness in the financial market that capital can not only cause fluctuating stock prices, but also generate a positive and tangible contribution, then this will form part of the solution to our global challenges."  

ABOUT THE STIFTUNG BIENENELFE Symbolically, the smallest bird in the world (the "Bienenelfe") stands for the big change that the German public-welfare foundation can bring about in small ways. Regionally rooted, ecologically and economically sustainable - Stiftung Bienenelfe proves that animal and nature conservation is possible far away from radical ideologies. Not to treat living beings as an industrial product in the sense of a rational cost-benefit analysis, not to want to impose animal and environmental protection as a doctrine, but to bring about a great motivation to participate in small ways through heart and mind - that is the guiding principle of Stiftung Bienenelfe. 


Denise Ulbrich / denise@bienenelfe.org / Tel: +49 171 523 4455 

ABOUT FUND2SEED The fund2seed group, with companies domiciled in Luxembourg and Germany, is primarily committed to charitable objectives and pension commitments. Following the concept "form follows function", fund2seed uses the entire spectrum of existing financial products to find the best solutions for and together with its clients and partners. fund2seed is meant to be a platform to achieve predominantly social and ecological goals for product initiators and investors. 


Nadja Knoth / nadja@f2s.lu / Tel: +352 2769 4958

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