Base Prospectus

Base Prospectus Update (approved on 29 November 2023)

Final Terms A3G211

Final Terms (as of 22 Dec 2022)

Final Terms A3G6MD

Final Terms (as of 29 Jun 2023)

Summary A3G6MD (ENG)

Summary (as of 28 Jun 2023)

Summary A3G6MD (DE)

Zusammenfassung (vom 28 Jun 2023)

Basisinformationsblatt A3G6MD

Basisinformationsblatt (vom 26 Sep 2023)

Current statute

Coordinated Articles of Association of fund2sec S.à rl

Finanzkennzahlen zum HJ 2023

Finanzkennzahlen zum 30.06.2023 (Halbjahr) der fund2sec S.à r.l.

Annual accounts 2022

Audited annual financial statements 2022 of fund2sec S.à rl

Opening balance 2022

Certified opening balance sheet 2022 of fund2sec S.à rl

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